Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson


Geiri Sæm: Jörð

Geiri Sæm and I were working on a joint project when I selfishly jumped ship and went to film school abroad. We had made a demo deal with A&M Records and had gone to London together the year before. We started recording a song in the attic at Abbey Road Studios and where paired with an English producer. We played him the song but he kindly refused to take this moody melancholia any further and demanded something more upbeat. We were baffled but I sat down and played a little idea on the piano. It wasn’t a fully developed and I remember the producer asking “…and where is the middle eight?” We had no idea, but quickly learned that he meant the ever so necessary eight bar section (the bridge) needed between second and third chorus in a formulaic pop song. Before we could turn around he had written the missing part so he of course shares a songwriting credit for that song, Jörð. This demo version ended up in the Icelandic teen film Veggfóður. I was involved in five songs on this album, Jörð, as a co-conspirator. I programmed, co-produced, and played keyboards in those songs and co-wrote two.