Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson


Geislar: Sunspot

Sunspot is the first single from our upcoming album Supernature.

When Covid hit, I had more time on my hands and started constructing electronic soundscapes / arrangements around the compositions I had done, some of which became quite elaborate. This procedure is sort of in reverse from the process for our first album. I felt it could be inspiring having these musical colours float around during the band recordings. We set up a makeshift studio in a church in Reykjavík and recorded for three magical days. This time, the basic recordings didn’t call for sax, so Óskar, the masterchef he is, cooked us delicious food every day. After merging the recordings with my initial ideas, I did further vocal sessions with Sigríður, as well as Rakel Sigurðardóttir (backing vocals). I recorded Óskar as well in his garage, and did a string session at Harpa, were I also recorded Frank Aarnink on Cimbalom (as I had done on our last album). The telepathy that happens between musicians makes grooves strangely divine. Spiritual: Supernature.
Sunspot credits:

Sigríður Thorlacius: vocals
Styrmir Sigurðsson: piano/keyboards
Ómar Guðjónsson: guitar
Óskar Guðjónsson: saxophone
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen: drums
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson: bass

Music by: Styrmir Sigurðsson, lyrics: Dóra Ísleifsdóttir
Produced by: Styrmir Sigurðsson

Additional instruments
Backing vocals: Rakel Sigurðardóttir
Trombone: Jón Arnar Einarsson, Samúel J Samúelsson
Flugelhorn: Snorri Sigurðarson
Violin: Una Sveinbjarnardóttir, Yasney Rojano
Viola: Laufey Pétursdóttir
Cello: Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir
String and brass arrangements: Styrmir Sigurðsson

Mixed by: Kjartan Kjartansson
Mastered by: Styrmir Hauksson