Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson

Government Saving Bonds: Kaupvarpið

Director, Script, Editor

A fun collaboration with Gott fólk. A series of shopping network style ads, featuring diverse made-up products like The Shoe-Tier and Pre-Chewed-Food. Here I reunited with Sigurjón Kjartansson from Fóstbræður, who starred wearing beautiful hand knitted sweaters. I was in close collaboration with a graphic designer at the agency for all the products and screen graphics. I specified all my wishes. When she delivered it was usually quite different from what I had asked for—but always much better. That’s how I finally met my wife, Dóra of the Icelandic Love Corporation and queen of Icelandic advertising. For the ultimate shopping experience, the material was transferred to NTSC U-Matic and back to PAL.

Agency: Gott fólk, Production company: Nýja Bíó

Camera: Úlfur Hróbjartsson