Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson


Jazz piano

I had toyed with the idea of studying jazz piano for years and in the middle of a directing job, I suddenly felt that I had to. We were shooting thirteen commercials in one day, all different versions of the same song performed live with a band, led by musical director Samúel Samúelsson and surrounded by amazing musicians. It was all different genres (disco, punk, big band, funk, etc.). I was about to finish my Belafonte album, and everything they did was by in comparison so dazzlingly immediate. In my home studio process I’d explore an idea armed with my laptop for hours and then most likely abandon it. Among the musicians were Ómar and Óskar Guðjónsson, whom I had known a long time, and Valdi Kolli. All three later joined my band Geislar. Their musicianship has always been so extremely appealing to me. Gliding through different genres in their unique personal way, wether it is old standards, experimental craziness, or pop music. I wanted to approach my own music from a more organic point of view, rather than staring endlessly at a screen. I took some private lessons, and my teacher encouraged me to enrol in FÍH music school, from were then I graduated in 2012. I just love playing music. It can be all kinds; old jazz standards, funk, R&B, experimental free jazz, or just playing piano at a friends wedding. Once, I played a duo inside a huge inflatable colon at a cancer benefit. Whatever! I just love playing music with good people.