Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson


MC Solaar / Nei hæ

Early nineties I was playing around with sampled loops and acid jazzy moods in my bedroom studio. By some strange coincidence two, quite different legends happened to rap over some of my music.

We met the legendary French rapper MC Solaar in Paris when doing segments for the National television. This was quite an impromptu performance. My colleague, Thorfinnur Omarsson interviewed him and asked if he was willing to put some words to Icelandic music?  He listened once on a Walkman, and then performed over the theme music I had composed for the show.

Hallgrímur Helgason, Icelandic novelist / artist captured the atmosphere at Kaffibarinn; A subject he’s kind of an expert on, as it is the bar he bases his K-Bar on in his novel 101 Reykjavík. Jóel Pálsson plays sax and Geiri Sæm guitar.