Styrmir Sigurðsson

Styrmir Sigurdsson

Unicef: Water Week

Director, Shooting Script, Editor

Four ads shot in one day at Hótel Borg for the Unicef Water-Week. The first one is starring actors Þröstur Leó, Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir and Vigdís Hrefna Pálsdóttir. The second one evolves around banker / investor Bjarni Ármannsson. Then it’s the “Jerry’s lunch”. Odd gathering of men sharing the same first name hanging out and having lunch together. The prime minister of Iceland, the Chief of Police, musicians. In the last one, two Idol judges are interrupted by an aspiring singer.

Agency: Íslenska auglýsingastofan, Production company: Pegasus

Camera: Elli Cassata