Category Film

365: Endless Net

Director, Shooting Script, Editor A realistic look at the everyday life aboard a trawler. One big musical! An idea from Daniel at Döðlur advertising. Agency: Döðlur, Production company: 365 Camera: Elli Cassata, Choreography and fireworks: Sigríður Soffía Níelsdóttir, Production design:…

Bystrumgel: No Pain

Director, Shooting Script Had a lovely time in Moscow working with Hype Productions. Agency: Gray, Moscow, Production company: Hype Productions Camera: Maxim Zhukov

Ikea: Sleepwalker

Director, Shooting Script Another fun collaboration with all the good people that surrounds Film Republic in Warsaw. Music by Úlfur Eldjárn. Shot by the one and only, maestro Pawel Edelman. Agency: JWT Warsaw Production company: Film Republic Camera: Pawel Edelman

Lobster Soup Included, a documentary

Director, Producer, Editor Comedian Þorsteinn Guðmundsson travels from Reykjavík to Hrísey, a small island in the North of Iceland to do stand-up in the middle of the winter. On the way he sings, eats fast food, and thinks out loud…

Hlemmavídeó – Comedy series

Director The main character, Siggi inherits a video store after his father spontaneously combusts. He gradually turns the store into a private detective business as well. The series star Pétur Jóhann, who had become very popular after the Night Shift…

McDonalds: McBytes

Director, Shooting Script Shot in Beirut, such a marvellous place. Great food, great people. Agency: Leo Burnett, Production company: StokedCamera: Pierre Barougier

Ikea: Spring Cleaning

Director, Shooting Script First time in Poland. Wonderful experience working with Film Republic in Warsaw. Agency: JWT Warsaw Production company: Film Repuplic Camera: Sebastian Milaszewski

ADHD Documentary

Maybe one day we will finish this project. We formed a little alliance, me, Kjartan (sound mixer) and Besti (DOP) to do a documentary about some of our favourite musicians who form the band ADHD. Hopefully the stars will align…

Ikea: Lumber Jack

Director, Shooting Script, Editor, Music Your friendly lumber jack getting ready for the holidays in Ikea. Agency: Íslenska auglýsingastofan Production company: Pegasus Camera: Víðir Sigurðsson

Vörður Insurance

Director, Shooting script, Editor Icelandic historical figures working out deals with their insurance company. Agency: Íslenska auglýsingastofan, Production company: Pegasus Camera: Víðir Sigurðsson,