Lobster Soup Included, a documentary

Director, Producer, Editor Comedian Þorsteinn Guðmundsson travels from Reykjavík to Hrísey, a small island in the North of Iceland to do stand-up in the middle of the winter. On the way he sings, eats fast food, and thinks out loud…

McDonalds: McBytes

Director, Shooting Script Shot in Beirut, such a marvellous place. Great food, great people. Agency: Leo Burnett, Production company: StokedCamera: Pierre Barougier

Griffill: News

Director, Shooting Script, Editor Clever branding from Gott fólk-McCann Ericson for Griffill, then a new low price office supply supermarket. Agency: Gott fólk-McCann Ericson, Production company: LabradorCamera: Ólafur Rögnvaldsson

Leitz Binders

Director, Producer, Editor This is the first ad I ever directed. Friends at a small advertising agency called Hið opinbera got in touch and that year the ad somehow managed to win the Icelandic Ad Awards, mostly due to clever…

Pinetop Perkins

Producer, Director, Editor My first job back in Iceland after film school was to document a concert with a local band, Vinir Dóra, who were playing with the American blues legend, Pinetop Perkins. We shot some interesting footage of the…